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Steer clear of Tanning Prior to And Soon after Laser Hair Removal

Regardless of whether you decide on to have qualified laser therapy at a hair removal clinic or spa or you are arranging on getting a laser hair removal machine for use in your personal household be confident to keep out of the sun for at least two weeks prior to your therapy and do not program any sunbathing sessions for at least two weeks afterwards either.

In several instances you will not want to go sunbathing anyway as you will in all probability want to cover up till the hair is treated and has shed and gone. But just in case you are tempted right here is why you must not.

1. Tanning Tends to make Skin Far more Sensitive Of course you will know the feeling of receiving sunburnt and how sore that is. You surely would not want to really feel the sting of laser therapy on your sunburnt skin. On the other hand, whether or not it appears wholesome or not, even light tanning truly damages your skin. The colour you generate (melanin) is basically your skin’s response to the harm brought on by the sun. Laser hair removal will make your skin a bit sore anyway so you surely do not want to raise its sensitivity. Any salon you go to must refuse to treat you if you have exposed your skin to the sun adequate to give you any colour at all. if they never then that speaks volumes about the lack of qualified care at the salon. Go elsewhere.

2. Tanning Tends to make the Laser Much less efficient Lasers target the dark pigment in hair leaving the lighter surrounding skin undamaged. The darker the skin the far more probably it is to absorb some of the laser light waves and the much less power will get absorbed by the hair follicles. Though tanned skin will imply the hair follicles will not acquire adequate laser light power to destroy them the skin will get adequate of it to be broken. You will not see it straight away but you will have “aged” your skin. Sunlight also has a bleaching impact on hair and that lightening impact once more reduces the effectiveness of the laser light therapy.

If you keep out of the sun even though undergoing therapy you may possibly miss out on sunbathing or hunting a golden wholesome colour for a even though but you will get the most efficient and safer therapy as a outcome.

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